Saki's 3D inspection and measurement systems support QUALITY-DRIVEN PRODUCTION

Since its inception in 1994, Saki has led the way in the development of automated recognition through robotic vision technology. Saki's 3D automated solder paste, optical, and x-ray inspection systems (SPI, AOI, AXI) have been recognized to provide the stable platform and advanced data capture mechanisms necessary for true M2M communication, improving production, process efficiency, and product quality. Saki Corporation has headquarters in Tokyo, Japan with offices, sales, and support centers around the world.

Solder Paste Inspection Systems with M2M Communication

Solder Paste Inspection, SPI

  • Height inspection repeatability of 2μm at 3σ
  • Volume inspection repeatability of ±3%
  • Height range of 0-500 microns
  • Closed-loop functionality
  • 2D & 3D inspection using an LCoS imaging system
  • Coplanarity inspection
Automated Optical Inspection

Automated Optical Inspection, AOI

  • Absolute measurement enabled by twin motor driven gantry with high resolution linear scales
  • Scalabe 7/12/18μm resolution
  • Full 3D inspection coverage with quad-directional side cameras
  • Automated programming
  • 3D Extra Component Detection for foreign objects
  • Self monitoring and diagnostics
  • Closed-loop functionality
Automated X-ray Vision Inspection

Automated X-Ray Inspection, AXI

  • 100% head-in-pillow detection
  • World's most accurate inline 3D AXI
  • Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) and Land Grid Array (LGA) inspection & measurement